Youth Affairs Coordinator

The Youth Affairs Coordinator helps the municipality institutions form and implement the youth policy of the municipality. He is the mediator between the municipality's politicians, staff and the youth. Seeking to implement the municipality’s youth policy, the youth affairs coordinator coordinates and initiates tools needed for the implementation of it and performs youth situation research according to such needs. Seeking to properly cooperate in the youth affairs field, the youth affairs coordinator provides information to interested parties and authorities regarding the implementation of youth policy in the municipality, cooperates with the Department of Youth Affairs, under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, as well as other institutions, youth organisations and non-formal youth groups. Moreover, the youth affairs coordinator participates in the implementation of cooperation with foreign countries in the youth policy field. In order to properly solve the youth policy problems, the youth affairs coordinator collects and spreads information about the youth activity possibilities, consults young people regarding these issues, coordinates the work of the Youth Affairs Council, seeks to attract European Union and Lithuanian funds, initiates youth organisations and youth group projects. The Youth Affairs Coordinator can be consulted regarding: • assistance and mediation for young people and individuals interested in youth activity; • search for funding opportunities; • help with organizing events; • event publicity; • consultations regarding preparing and implementing projects; • consultations regarding establishing a youth organization/club (association). We also ask you to send informational notifications, articles on topics of interest to young people, descriptions of your events. Inga Beresnevičiūtė Anykščiai District Municipality Administration Senior Specialist of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Communication Phone number: 8 381 58063, e-mail: inga.beresneviciute@anyksciai.lt


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