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Anykščiai District Municipality is in the Eastern part of the Republic of Lithuania, in the West, it boarders with Panevėžys, in the North - with Kupiškis and Rekik’s, in the South with Ukmergė and Molėtai, in the East - with Utena region municipalities. The centre of Anykščiai municipality is Anykščiai city.

The district is characterized by transitional factors from the central zone of Lithuania into the eastern part of Lithuania's valley zone. In the Western part of the area less hilly reliefs and heavier soils prevail. In the Eastern and South-East part of the region, the relief is characterized by higher volatility, lighter soil, more eroded and less fertile. A very important indicator of natural factors is the low-income and low-productivity land. In the different region eldership, the arable land quality differs. According to these indicators, Anykščiai region is attributed to increased areas of low-productivity and lower-productivity land areas. This leads to the need for higher levels of agriculture conversion and adjustment to the local conditions in those places, where predominantly poor and low productivity land prevails. The Anykščiai area of agricultural land occupies 98840,42 ha, which is 56% of district land area. Non-agricultural land occupies 44% of district land area. The low population density and the high utilization of the district territory for agricultural purposes determine that one rural resident of Anykščiai area gets as much as 5,02 ha of agricultural land. On 1st January, 2012, private land in the area made up 113517,38 ha or 64,3 perc. of the total area of the district. The agriculture utilities take up 76786,75 ha, which makes up 67,4 perc. of all private land. According to the statistical data of 2010, the number of inhabitants in the Anykščiai district made up a number of 31088, from which, villagers made up 19688, which makes up 63% of all the citizens of the area. 2636 operating farms are registered in the district, which use (declare) 62234,54 ha of land. The average size of a registered farm is 23,61 ha. Agricultural activity is performed by 6 agricultural companies, Anykščių vaismedžiai, Naujonys, Sodžius, Agrowill Nausodė, Elma, Anykščių Vosinta, Burbiškis agro-food cooperative, UAB Jaros agroclomplex, SC Ažuožerių sodai. The Register of Agricultural and Rural Business Holdings has registered over 7,400 holdings, from which within the year of 2011, 5600 holders updated their holdings or registered their holdings. In the register of agricultural machinery, within the year of 2011, 498 units of various agricultural and other technical equipment were registered, amongst which: 22 tractors, 9 tractor trailers, 6 combine harvesters, 4 trucks, 5 demountable trucks, 9 tractor trucks, 3 excavators. In the year 2011, 4416 applications regarding agricultural farmland and crop areas were accepted and transferred to the National Paying Agency (NPA). Such applications were made to receive support according to the Lithuanian Rural Development Program for 2007-2013. District farmers should have been paid about 38 million litas. There are 1398 milk quota holders in the district.

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