Strategic planing and investmens


Mission – to ensure qualitative living and working conditions for the citizens of the Anykščiai District Municipality.

Vision – Anykščiai – cultural tourism resort, an updated region, where it is comforatble and safe to live and relax "Staying under this roof is comfortable" (A. Baranauskas):

Strategic aims:

  1. Development of tourism, culture and sustainable resort areas.
  2. Development of economic, business and sustainable rural areas.
  3. Development of education, health and social areas.
  4. Development of engineering, transport and communal economy infrastructure.
  5. Improvement of Anykščiai District Municipality.

Favourable investment environment

Preserved good traditions and the heritage of the county's culture.

Environmentally friendly and attractive tourism infrastructure.

Anykščiai regional park – rich with protected and attractive land.

Abundance and diversity of cultural events.

A balanced territorial development of Anykščiai district.

Modernised and developed economic activity and engineering infrastructure, together in harmony with the natural environment.

An ensured healthy public and residential environment.

A developed, modernised, competitive agriculture and rural area.

Active participation in EU projects.

For territorial investment in Anykščiai.

The Administration of Anykščiai District Municipality invites investors to offer their ideas and to start a business in the Anykščiai District.

Advice on investment issues is given by the Head of the Department of Investment and Project Management Vilma Vilkickaitė, phone number: +370 687 34341, e-mail: vilma.vilkickaite@anyksciai.lt

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