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Sports Review

Sports Policy in the district is formed by the Anykščiai District Municipality Council and Mayor’s Institution. Physical Education and Sports Policy in the district is formed by a specialist of Education, Culture, Sport and Tourism, responsible for the Sports administration. It is implemented by the following sport institutions: Anykščiai Physical Education and Sports Centre, sport clubs, public institutions performing physical activities in the Anykščiai District Municipality area. Anykščiai Physical Education and Sports Centre is a budgetary institution, the mission of which is: to create conditions for the self-expression of personality; to develop children's, young people's and adults’ healthy lifestyle skills; to determine the potential sport abilities of children and to cultivate them by developing sportsmen/sportswomen of great mastery to represent the area in the district, national contests; to represent Lithuania in International Rank Competitions; to develop and organise Physical Education and Sports events and to provide methodological support to interested structures (organizations) by using tools of physical education and sports.

Anykščiai Physical Education and Sports Centre (KKSC) employs 14 coaches, amongst which: an international class coach, six national category coaches, seven Lithuanian sports coaches. All coaches have a higher education or work with an authorization (license) entitling them to work as coaches. 8 types of sports are practised (basketball, swimming, Greek-roman wrestling, athletics, skiing, biathlon, soccer, horse riding). KKSC students take part in the Olympic Games, World, European, Baltic championships, junior sports, national championships, various international and national competitions. An international category of a swimmer was awarded to Giedrius Titenis in 2012, due to achieved high results in 2011-2012. In the year 2012, 14 Anykščiai KKSC athletes were included in various national sports teams. G.Titenis and G. Apanavičiūtė are members of the Lithuanian Adult Men and National Women Swimming Teams; D. Spudvilas I. Vernickas is a member of the National Youth Boys Swimming Team, M. Bagdonas is a member of the National Youth Boys Swimming Team; D. Orlovas is a member of the Lithuanian Greek-Roman wrestling youth team; R. Dagys is a member of the Lithuanian Greek-Roman wrestling youth team; S. Žiogaitė, I. Bubelytė are both members of the Lithuanian Adult Women Wrestling team; K. Domikaitytė, D. Domikaitytė members of the Lithuanian Youth Women Wrestling team; V.Strolia is a member of the National Skiing team; A. Šidiškis is a member of the National Heavy Youth athletics under 23 years team, and O. Andrikonis is a member of the National Heavy Youth athletics up to 15 years team. Vytautas Strolia is a candidate of the National Olympic Skiing Team. Currently, the best athlete in Anykščiai is the swimmer Giedrius Titenis, who represented Lithuania on the National Swimming Team in the London 2012 Olympics, where he won 8th and 11th place. Baltic Championship Biathlete M. Girkus won 3rd and 6th places. Skiers K.Kazlauskaitė and J. Drūsys represented Lithuania in the first Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck (Austria), where they won 20th, 29th, 33rd and 36th places. In the European Youth Greek-Roman wrestling championship local wrestler R. Dagys won 3rd place, while D. Domikaitytė won 3rd place in the European Young Women Wrestling Championship. Anykščiai local Tautvydas Jodelis (first coach Kęstutis Kukta) won a silver medal in the European Men’s Basketball U18 Championship. Two Anykščiai skiers V.Strolia and L. Jakeliūnas won the right to represent Lithuania in the World Junior Ski Championship, where they took 32nd  56th, 69th, 81st and 83rd places. In the World Championship of Youth Wrestling with Belts, in Moscow, K. Domikaitytė won the 3rd place.

Such events are organised in Anykščiai, together with the Lithuanian Sport Federation: Lithuanian Greek-Roman, Freestyle and Women's Wrestling Championship, Lithuanian Swimming Championship in a 25m swimming pool, Lithuanian Tug Championship, Lithuanian Junior and Children's Greek-Roman Wrestling Priorities, Lithuanian Bicycle Marathon Cup, the competition “Anykščiai bicycle marathon”, Lithuanian School children's Skiers' Autumn Crossmatch.

In the year 2012, KKSC sport clubs organised and performed different rank competitions in Anykščiai - Bodybuilding, body fitness and bikini category competitions, "Anykščiai cup - 2012" and Baltic Match 2012, traditional Greek-Roman and Women’s Wrestling tournament for the memory of R.Deksnys, Team Greek-Roman wrestling tournament for the memory of club chairman V. Šidlauskas, Baltic Cup Stage II Roller Ski Games, International V. Žmoginis name Greek-Roman Wrestling tournament, International Basketball Tournament for the marking of the Independence Day, International Children's Basketball Tournament "Centro taurė-2012", International Swimming Sprint festival ,,Anykščiai-2012", open Lithuanian motocross championship stage competition, Open motocross competition for the winning of LTD "Deka" Cup.

One of the main aims set by the Anykščiai KKSC is to form Physical Education skills and the need for physical capacity as well as purposeful leisure time amongst the youth and adults. While seeking to include as many adults into the sporting life as possible, promoting a healthy lifestyle, Anykščiai KKSC, in 2011-2012, organised and performed these sports events: Football Tournament commemorating the 16th of February, Football Tournament commemorating the Independence Day of Lithuania, District Shooting competition commemorating the 16th of February, traditional 49th marathon "Anykščiai-Puntukas Stone-Anykščiai", Anykščių District village elderships sports games, Basketball Match 3x3 in the city's park, individual checkers and chess competitions, darts competition, children's festival "Vaikystės miestas" sporting event.

There are 23 established sports clubs in the Anykščiai district. These sports clubs are established according to the sport and the nature of the activity. The sports clubs have over 1200 members, 350 of which are women. The district is developing 19 sports: basketball, football, skiing, biathlon, Kyokushin karate, horse riding, chess sport, motorcycle sport, athletics, Greek-Roman wrestling, aikido, automobile and karting sport, bodybuilding, swimming and sport dancing. The best athletes of the sports clubs and Physical Education and Sports Centre make up national teams and represent the Anykščiai district in various competitions.

Pupil Sports. 25 physical education teachers, who have a higher education are employed in Anykščiai district schools of general education.

Schools prepare inter-class tournaments, cross tournaments, various health and fitness holidays, during which attempts are made to activate the physical activity of children and to find the strongest ones. School teams participate in district competitions of individual sports organized by Anykščiai KKSC: pupil’s football, autumn cross, airgun shooting, quadrate, small football 5x5, floorball 7x7, basketball "Manija" championship, heavy athletics, weightlifting, chess, darts, spring crossover. At the end of the year, individual sports "Best Athletes of the Year" celebration takes place. Pupils, who purposefully and actively participated in sports, improved their physical fitness, developed healthy lifestyle skills.

Adult sport. Adults participate in various sports competitions, organised during the mass „Bėk bėk, žirgeli!" celebrations, city celebrations, eldership sports festivals and sports competitions, Lithuanian village eldership games, district football and basketball tournaments. Sports activities are most actively developed in Troškūnai eldership. A lot of adult teams participate in the district basketball games primaries, 3x3 basketball competitions in the district. Anykščiai city basketball veteran teams successfully participate in the country championships of veterans in individual age groups. Professional sports. Anykščiai sports club "Volupis" participates in the Regional Basketball League competitions. The club is an independent legal unit, which has an administration and contracts with its coaches and players.

Football Club "Anykščiai" participates in the Utena district "Aukštaitija" football primaries.

Sports and wellbeing events. The sports life of the district is enlivened by the organised sports and wellbeing events. The biggest events - International Sprint Swimming Festival "Anykščiai" (organised by PI "Sveikatos oazė"), International Greek-Roman wrestling tournament for the memory of V. Žmoginis (organised by the sports club "Ąžuolas"), Sports Dance Tournament „Saltus taurė" (organised by the sports dance club „Saltus"). Mass events - Traditional marathon Anykščiai - Puntukas Stone - Anykščiai (organised by KKSC), International Children’s Basketball tournament "Centro taurė" (organised by KKSC), "Bicycle Marathon Cup" (organised by biathlon sports club "Vėtrungė"), Lithuanian Tug Championship, Baltic Roller Skis Field Competition (Organised by Sports Club ,,Viesulas").

Sports bases. In the Anykščiai district, these objects are present: 1 indoor 25 meter swimming pool, 1 basketball arena, 19 gyms, 8 stadiums, 6 fields, 10 outdoor basketball courts, 1 universal court with an artificial surface (for football, outdoor tennis, basketball), 3 athletic gymnastics halls, 1 heavy athletics hall, 1 kartodrome - autodrome, 1 beach volleyball court, 1 roller skates - skateboards court. Only two sports objects - PI "Sveikatos oazė" 25m. swimming pool and LTD Anykščiai Sports and Leisure Centre "Keturi kalnai" basketball arena - comply with the requirements allowing to prepare Lithuanian championships and partially international competitions, while the city stadium only partially complies with the requirements set by the Lithuanian Football Federation, allowing to conduct national football championship competitions.

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