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Foreign partners

Partners of Anykščiai city

Nepomuk (Mesto Nepomuk), Czech Republic

Area: 362 km².  Population– 5630.  Distance from Anykščiai – 1050 km. Cooperation agreement signed on the 21st of March 1998 - cooperating in culture and sport.

Maduona (Madonas rajons), Latvia

Area: 3349 km².  Population: 48 thousand.     Distance from Anykščiai - 300 km. Cooperation agreement signed on the 15th of June 1996 m. - cooperating in culture, sport and other fields.

Sejny (Sejny), Poland

Population: 6500.  Distance from Anykščiai – 197 km. Cooperation agreement signed on the 16th of August 1996, renewed on the 11th of March 2016- cooperating in culture.

Os (Os kommune), Norway

Area: 1 040,49 km². Population: 2131 (the Year 2004) Distance from Anykščiai - 1122 km. The cities have been cooperating since 1997. Currently, there is cooperation in the fields of education, environment and health.

Vasylkiv (Vasylkiv), Ukraine

Area 29,6 km². Population: 39700.  Distance from Anykščiai - 606 km. On 10th October, 2007 an economic, social, cultural, environmental and public administration agreement was signed.

Krupina (Krupina), Slovakia

Area 88,67km². Population: 7812. Distance from Anykščiai - 825km.

On the 20th July, 2018 a Letter of Intent was signed regarding the cooperation between the Anykščiai District Municipality of the Republic of Lithuania and Krupina municipality.

Omiš (Omiš), Croatia

Area 266km². Population: 15800. Distance from Anykščiai - 1397km.

Ödeshög, Sweden

Area 2.40 km². Population: 2,651.  Distance from Anykščiai – 702.3 km.

Cooperation agreement signed on 5th of April, 2002. Cooperation in the social field – joint implementation of common projects.

Gnosjö, Sweden

Sassenage, France

Area 13.31 km². Population: 10 631 .  Distance from Anykščiai - 1785,1 km.

On the 3rd of July 2010, a cooperation agreement was signed. 

Dalaman, Turkey

Area 616.8 km². Population: 28,148 (in the area) Distance from Anykščiai - 2106,2 km.

On 22nd July, 2011 a cooperation agreement was signed regarding culture, sports, leisure, education, economics, youth exchanges, tourism, environmental protection and heritage.

Telavi, Georgia

Population: 21 800 (2002 m.) Distance from Anykščiai - 2113,4 km.

On 24th October, 2011, a cooperation agreement was signed. 

Kletsk, Belarus

Area: 974 km² 

Population: 9 600 (2005 m.) Distance from Anykščiai - 374 km.

On 12th October, 2012 an agreement was signed regarding economic, scientific-technical and cultural cooperation.

Smarhons, Belarus

Area: 1 498 km² Population: 56 300 Distance from Anykščiai - 201 km. On 19th February, 2016 an economic, scientific-technical and cultural cooperation agreement was signed.

Myrhorodas (Myrhorodas), Ukraine

Area: 20 km². Population: 41 267 (year 2012) Distance from Anykščiai – 1041.2 km.

On 24th August, 2017 a Protocol of Intentions on Cooperation between the Anykščiai District Municipality of the Republic of Lithuania and Mirgorod City Council was signed.

On 20th of July 2018, an agreement between the Anykščiai District Municipality (Republic of Lithuania) and the Mirgorod City Council (Ukraine) on Trade, Economic, Scientific, Technical and Cultural Cooperation was signed.

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