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Cultural Overview of Anykščiai District 2018

Cultural Policy

Cultural policy in the area is formed by the Council of the Anykščiai Disctrict Municipality, Mayor’s Institution and the Administration of the Anykščiai District Municipality. Offers and recommendations regarding cultural issues are provided by the Culture Council of the Anykščiai District Municipality. Cultural activities of the district are coordinated and the public administration of culture is carried out by the Senior Specialist (for culture and tourism) of the Administration of the Anykščiai District Municipality. Cultural policy is implemented by the budgetary culture institutions: Anykščiai Culture Centre and 14 village sections (more at: www.anyksciukc.lt), A. Baranauskas and A. Vienuolis-Žukauskas memorial museum and 3 of its divisions (more at: www.anyksciukc.lt/, Anykščiai area municipality Public Library of Liudvika and Stanislovas Didžiuliai and 24 village branches (more at: www.anyksciumenai.lt). The institutions cooperate with various non-governmental organizations, public organizations, councils and other institutions. The funds of the municipality budget finance cultural programs are used when implementing the cultural policy of the district, which include dissemination of professional creativity, creative activity of amateurs, movable and immovable cultural property and the protection of ethnic culture, publishing activities, the development of museum exhibitions and creative industries, cultural education programs, etc.

2015-2025 m. Anykščiai District Cultural Strategy „Anykščiai. Creative people (Žmonės kuria)"

The Anykščiai District Cultural Strategy „Anykščiai. Creative people" was prepared and presented to the public in 2016. The purpose of the 2015-2025 Anykščiai cultural strategy is to define the vision of the development of culture in the Anykščiai District, to set priorities, goals and tasks, which are important when seeking to implement the vision. The strategy is aimed at the harmonious and progressive development of the Anykščiai District culture, distinguishing the contribution of culture to the long-term development of the region as well as defining the peculiarity of the Anykščiai District in the context of Lithuania and Europe.

Cultural vision and priorities of Anykščiai

We see Anykščiai as an area of intelligent cultural diversity, where:

People who are creators find the medium for self-expression;

People foster and reveal the beauty of the landscape and create a unique atmosphere;

People respect each other, willingly cooperate and spread the benevolent message about their area.

Intelligent Cultural Diversity – it is the sought Anykščiai culture development attitude, because:

Culture is created with the joint effort of citizens, communities, organizations, and government;

Culture is created when promoting the ideas of creators and their organisations, initiatives, projects, accepting various forms of culture and art as well as creating the conditions to implement them;

Culture is wisely created by installing technology, cultural products and services as well as process innovations, increasing the accessibility and attractiveness of culture for various groups of consumers;

Culture is created by cultivating the knowledge (cultural context perception) and creative competencies of various cultural participants.

Priorities of Anykščiai culture:

We invest into the human resources of culture and art;

We are skilfully developing a network of cultural institutions, infrastructure and environment;

We enrich the supply of cultural products and services through their content and form variety, quality, scale, reach and relevance to the consumer;

We effectively implement internal and external cultural communication.

Anykščiai area culture strategy 2015-2025 m. „Anykščiai. Creative people“ More information

In the year 2017, the Administration of the Anykščiai District Municipality set the goal to join the network of UNESCO creative cities (literary field).

Financing of culture

Anykščiai area culture development is based on the strategic development plan of the Anykščiai District Municipality of 2012-2019 and by the foreseen means of the Anykščiai District Municipality activity plan of 2018-2012. Culture and tourism are distinguished by a separate priority "Tourism and culture development".

The formulated strategic goal in the Anykščiai District Municipality strategic action plan of 2017-2019 – to preserve the area's cultural tradition and heritage while developing the tourism infrastructure. This aim is to implement through the Sustainable Resort Development Program, which aims towards these culture development aims:

To take care of the quality and variety of culture and tourism services;

To create and spread the infrastructure of cognitive tourism, active rest and health improvement.

The activities of the Culture area are financed through these Anykščiai District Municipality strategic action plan Sustainable Resort Development Program tools:

“Preparation and implementation of acts” in 2017, 35 thousand Euros were provided.

"International and other EU Culture and Tourism projects “Preparation and implementation of special projects for cultural projects”. In 2017, 10 thousand Euros were provided.

„Creative industries development”. 14 thousand Euros were provided in 2017. „Implementation of traditional festivals “. In 2017, 25 thousand Euros were provided for traditional festivals: Art therapy and creative improvisation camp-festival “Desires”, The International Festival of Sprint Swimming “Anykščiai 2016”, National Bard Festival "Purple Evening", Music festival “Devilstone”, Lithuanian National Drama Festival of Professional Theatres “Pakeleivingi”, Festival “Music weekends in Anykščiai”, European Documentary Festival EDOX. „Exposition of Museum Exhibitions“. In 2017- 5 thousand Euros were provided. „Implementation of Publishing Activities". In 2017, -  8 thousand Euros were provided. „Implementation of Culture Projects". In 2017 - 40 thousand Euros were provided.

1.1.4. 08 „Preparation for song and dance festivals“. In 2017 - 2 thousand Euros were provided „Ethnical Culture Development“. In 2017 - 2,5 thousand Euros were provided. „ Organization and Execution of Public Services for the Development of Creative Industries “. In 2017, 62 thousand Euros were provided.

The renovation process of the Anykščiai Culture Centre that took almost ten years was finished in 2017.

The buildings of the Culture Centre and Anykščiai District Municipality Public Library of Liudvika and Stanislovas Didžiuliai are being  modernised and restored using the funds of the Anykščiai District Municipality. Working conditions are being improved and book funds are updated. A. Baranauskas and A. Vienuolis-Žukauskas Memorial Museum buildings are being modernised, expositions renewed.

Cultural activities. Events and initiatives

The prevailing cultural tradition and natural environment determined that in the Anykščiai area, as well as the traditional events, such as traditional culture and Horse Sport celebration "Bėk bėk, žirgeli!" in Niūronys, Anykščiai City Celebration, Autumn Celebration Obuolinės and etc., chamber events cycle and festival traditions form in non-traditional spaces, culture, nature, history heritage object accesses. In such a way, the professional music festival "Music weekends in Anykščiai" blends into the Anykščiai culture panorama, the national Bard Festival "Purpurinis vakaras" receives great interest and sympathy from the viewers, as well as the international alternative music festival "Devilstone", European documentary movie festival EDOX. The spirit of nationality is awakened by the Memorial hour next to the Puntukas Stone each year, meant to remember the flight of the pilots Darius and Girėnas. Historical memory is refreshed by the rally of the Homeland loving people "Trakinių partizanai" (Trakiniai village, Kurkliai eld.). The International Organ Music Festival, which takes place in the Anykščiai St. Apostle Evangelist in Matthew's Church, has deep traditions already, as well as the Republican Festival of Rural Chapels "Gaida", Regional Festival of Romance Performers „Aukštaitijos žiedynai", Lithuanian National Drama Festival of Professional Theatres „Pakeleivingi“.

Various themed creative industry festivals, design-week and non-traditional events, exibitions and developers’ fairs which are organised by the public institution Anykščiai art incubator-art studio are integrating within the cultural context of Anykščiai.

Every year, culture events calendar of Anykščiai district is supplemented by new projects and initiatives. The geography of participants of the international Lithuanian amateur theatre festival ARTimi is expanding, Tourism night event program is surprising with new activities, new cultural tourism initiatives are developing. In the year 2017 in Anykščiai 3 new national and international events took place:  Lithuanian Children and Youth Theatre Festival „Dvi paukštės“ ,Literature, Music and Theatre Festival „Voices of the Writers in the A. Vienuolis Patio: classics and modernity“, International Anykščiai Narrative Festival SEKAS. Thanks to the active community, in 2017 a new cultural space "Old town Square" opened up, where various concerts, promotions, event cycles, etc. take place.

Active cultural life is taking place in the towns and villages of the district. Various cultural projects are taking place in Troškūnai, mostly meant for the youth, amongst which - a Traditional International Children and Youth Art Therapy Festival-Creative Camp "Troškimai”, as well the Republic Youth Ethnical Culture and Strange Folklore Camp-Festival "Folk Virus". Andrioniškis, in Leliūnai (Debeikiai eld.) is celebrating the beginning of the tourism season in a creative and ingenious way, as every year the Republic Festival-Contest of Small Towns Soloists, Vocal and Eomantic groups. Every autumn, in Malaišiai (Svėdasai eld.), in the motherland of the writer J. Tumas-Vaižgantas, a Traditional Republic Event "Vaižgantinės" takes place.

Events promoting ethnicity are joining the general region culture context with meaningful activities. Slowly, the Spring and Autumn equinox, Rasų (Saint John's Eve) and Žolinių (Virgin Assumption Day) celebration traditions, Easter and Christmas (Sweetmarket) fairs, Insipid burning and other calendar celebration rituals and traditions are slowly being reborn. In Niūroniai there is a successfully running Craft Centre. Due to the initiative of this centre there are traditional hunting trips with the horses of the Zemaitukis breed. For the year 2017 – the year of Mounds and Folk Costumes, a separate program of ethnic cultural activities was prepared and implemented.

A plan for events and activities in Anykščiai for the 100th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania in 2018 has been prepared.

Quite a few of the aforementioned and planned cultural activities in Anykščiai district are performed by various associations, clubs, communities or unions, proactive individual persons. The most active registered non-governmental cultural organisations in Anykščiai are: World Community of Anykštėnai, Anykščiai Ethnography Society of Teresė Mikeliūnaitė, Vaižgantiečiai club „Pragiedrulys”, Anykščiai Association of Artists, Anykščiai Folk Dance Ensemble Club “Gojus”, Public Institution "Meaningful Sound", Anykščiai Culture Association “Art Exposures”, Anykščiai literary club „Marčiupys", Association „Anykščiai Holidays", Anykščiai community of new winds, Healthy Lifestyle Club „Anykščių vaivorykštė“ and others.

Pre-school and general education institutions are actively involved in the life of the country's culture, non-formal education institutions: Anykščiai music and Anykščiai district creativity and art schools, other institutions.

Cultural awards

From the year 2001, each year for the last 5 (five) years Anykščiai District Municipality Teresė Mikeliūnaitė Culture Award is granted to a Anykščiai district (area) citizen or a person who by his/her origin is from Anykščiai for his/her  merit to the regional culture.  In 2017, T. Mikeliūnaitė Award winner was the region's creator and organizer of various cultural projects Žilvinas Pranas Smaskas.

In 2010, Anykščiai District Municipality Antanas Baranauskas Literature Award was established. This award has been awarded each year, for the past 3 (three) years for fiction works (books) by professional writters, grafting love for the Lithuanian nature and the birthplace environment of Antanas Baranauskas, spreading a human and natural spiritual connection, or for the professional literary works from the past 3 (three) years, intended for the creations of Antanas Baranauskas. In 2017, the Antanas Baranauskas award was awarded to Inga Liepaitė and Antanas Verbickas for the book "Antanas Baranauskas’ Personal Library".

Cultural Institutions


The cultural policy is implemented in the Anykščiai district by 4 budget institutions: Culture Centre of Anykščiai, A. Baranauskas and A. Vienuolis- Žukauskas memorial museum, Anykščiai District Municipality Public Library of Liudvika and Stanislovas Didžiuliai, Anykščiai Art Centre and the Public Institution Anykščiai Art Incubator-Art Centre.

Anykščiai Culture Centre www.anyksciukc.lt has 14 divisions: Andrioniškis,  Ažuožeros,  Burbiškis, Debeikiai, Kavarskas, Kurkliai, Leliūnai, Skiemoniai, Svėdasai, Traupis, Troškūnai, Viešintai, Vaitkūnai.  Culture Centre of Anykščiai is managed by the director Dijana Petrokaitė.

Baranauskas and A. Vienuolis-Žukauskas Memorial Museum www.baranauskas.lt has 3 divisions: Memorial Department of Writers, History Heritage Department, Ethnical Culture (Horse Museum) Department. Museum collections are exhibited at these Museum Exhibits: Antanas Baranauskas Granary, Antanas Vienuolis-Žukauskas Memorial House-Museum, Jonas Biliūnas Memorial Homestead, Bronė Buivydaitė Memorial House-Museum, Liudvika and Stanislovas Didžiuliai Memorial Museum, In the chapel, Horse Museum, Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, Šeimyniškėliai Mound Historical Complex. The Museum is headed by the Director Antanas Verbickas.

Anykščiai District Public Library of Liudvika and Stanislovas Didžiuliai www.anyksciuvb.lt has 5 divisions: Customer Service and Information Department, Regional Documents and Studies Department, Methodology Department, Children Literature and Education Division, Informational Resources Formation Department, General department. The library owns these divisions: AndrioniškisAžuožeriaiBudriaiBurbiškisDebeikiaiElmininkaiKurkleliaiKurkliaiLeliūnaiMačionysPiktagalys, RaguvėlėRubikiaiSkiemonysStaškūniškisSurdegisSvėdasaiSvirnai IIŠeriaiTraupisVaitkūnaiViešintosKavarskasTroškūnai. The library is headed by the Director Romas Kutka

Anykščiai Art Centre www.amenucentras.lt established in 2012. Anykščiai Art Centre into a single art complex joins the Sacred Art Centre, Museum of the Angels, Anykščiai Chapel - Anykštėnai of the World Creativity Centre and St. Matthew Church viewpoint established in the bell tower. Anykščiai Art Centre is managed by the Director Tomas Tuskenis.

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