*print*About Anykščiai

     Anyksciai land with its unique nature, beautiful vicinities, attractive museums is enticing tourists from both Lithuania and abroad. In the summer of 2007 Anyksciai was granted the status of a resort territory. Visitors can take a look at the Old town, visit the church of St. apostle the evangelist Matthew which has the highest towers of all churches in Lithuania.

      There are a few museums functioning in the city, such as: the cottage of a poet and a bishop A. Baranauskas where the marvelous hymn to nature “Anyksciai Forest” was created, there are,



        also, memorial museums of writers Antanas Vienuolis-Zukauskas and Brone Buivydaite. The city is decorated by majestic monuments for Antanas Baranauskas and Antanas Vienuolis-Zukauskas.


        Museum of the Narrow Railroad stirs a lot of attention. After seeing interesting objects of the exhibit one can try a “live exhibit”, manual drezina or bicycle on rails. And if ordering a tour in advance you can go to the lake Rubikiai (the old name Anykstis) by train looking at very beautiful scenery. Art shows and chamber music concerts take place in the old Anyksciai Chapel which is now a Chamber Arts Center. Winter sports enthusiasts are invited to the skiing center on a legendary Kalita mountain. For the convenience of guests there is a business and leisure center “the Four Mountains” (lt. Keturi kalnai”) and public institution “Health Oasis” (lt. “Sveikatos oaze”) which provides various water procedures and takes care of the swimming pool. Those wishing may try “the wine road”: visit JSC “Anyksciai Wine” (lt. Anyksciu vynas”), get acquainted with Lithuanian wine making traditions, taste “Anyksciai wine” production.
      There is plenty to see in Anyksciai vicinities as well. Places like: spectacular monument on a gravesite of the writer Jonas Biliunas, called “Beacon of Happiness” (lt. Laimes ziburys”), mysterious Anyksciai forest, glorified by the poet Antanas Baranauskas, with a boulder “Puntukas”, Queen’s quagmire (lt. Karalienes liunas), brother of Puntukas,  Vetygala rock exposure, other natural wonders. It is worth visiting Seimyniskeliai (a.k.a. Voruta) mound where a wooden castle is about to be erected.

       The Horse Museum in the village of Niuronys. There is a memorial house museum of the famous Lithuanian Literary classic Jonas Biliunas in this village.
       Here you may not only examine interesting and valuable exhibit but also go for a horse ride, participate in the educational program “Everyday Bread” (lt. “Kasdiene Duonele”), “Twirling Little Bee” (lt.“Bitute ratuota”). A traditional celebration of culture and equestrian sport “Run Run Steed” takes place every June in the territory of the museum.

        There are many frequented sites through out the whole district of Anyksciai, such as: churches, former manors, birth places of writers. It is worth seeing Malaisiai in the vicinity of Svedasai, a birth place of Lithuanian literary classic, a canon, Juozas Tumas-Vaizgantas and Svedasai land museum located in  a former Kunigiskiai elementary school, built back in the tsar’s  years; visit Raguvele manor; Troskunai Bernadine monastery ensemble; see a museum of Kazys Inciura in Vidugiriai, in Troskunai seniunija (local municipality); an estate of Didziuliai, champions of Lithuanian culture and national identity, in the village of Griezioneliai, Andrioniskis seniunija; relax at the shores of  lake Rubikiai, studded with islands. There are a total of 76 lakes and over 250 cultural monuments. Some of them can be visited by bicycle, by car scenic routs, on foot or by boat tracks of the aquatic tourism.
          Resort and tourist city, Anyksciai, is inviting and awaiting you…